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city trend reports
Our team of fashion researchers, designers and photographers scour the European fashion capitals: London, Paris & St. Tropez for fashion information. This information is analysed to produce in-depth reports covering womenswear retail fashion with the emphasis on forward moving and emerging trends.
Areas covered are: young branded fashion, sportswear, casualwear, streetwear, clubwear and career areas. All reports are presented in a user friendly magazine format (see sample page left) and organised into clear concise themes.
The city trend reports are a valuable resource and offer thousands of ideas to inspire you. All archive reports can be accessed with your subscription and should be consulted for renewed inspiration.
When trends are street led we focus on 'street photo reports' which give a great insight into how fashion translates into real use.  We show what is being worn and most importantly how styles are worn. Photo reports are also a great way to look at other areas of fashion from accessories to footwear.
Ten of the hottest trend concepts from the European fashion capitals.
Highly informative written introductions give a detailed analysis of emerging trends.
Working sketches show smallest detail (when our zoom feature really comes into its own).
Print and colour indications included with each sketch.
Full colour photographs show street and windows.
Colour storyboards included with reports show detailed colour analysis.